Hannibal 2nd-Screen Experience

Traditionally, I’m not one to include new-business pitches in my folio. Pitch presentations rarely showcase final or complete work. In many cases, they’re cookie-cutter and ad-hoc for the sole purpose of getting the right meeting or the right commitment from a prospective client.

However, this pitch posed a deliciously unique opportunity.  As a fan of the show, I jumped at the opportunity to lead the creative effort — if memory serves, I believe I yelled “dibs!” in our weekly planning meeting.  With so much potential for tie-ins to the show’s content and aesthetic, this pitch became a labor-of-love for me and something I’m proud to share.

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The first challenge was a combination of lack of time and resources.  At the time, I was the only creative lead with enough open-time to dedicate to this pitch effort – an effort which, to be honest, I probably would have taken on regardless.  As a result, the conceptual ideas and the majority of the content in this presentation had to come from me.  At best, I had an hour or two with other disciplinary leads to validate or double-check specifics during the week I spent working on this.

The second challenge was the audience.  We had stakeholders in two cities, as well as a group of executives whose schedule would prevent them from attending any of the pitch meetings despite our best scheduling efforts.  So I crafted two versions of the presentation – the one you see here designed to be a standalone piece that could be reviewed autonomously, and one where the vast majority of the on-slide copy was converted to hidden slide notes.



  • Led the pitch team.
  • Crafted pitch story (writing/editing owner, consulting with SMEs to fact-check and validate promises, calibrate scope commitment, technical sanity-check, etc.).
  • Researched quotes from the show and based on the needs of the topic covered in each page/section – the intent was to find a quote that aligned with our story, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.
  • Research and analysis of the show's dedicated fan-base — known affectionately as "Fannibals".
  • Led a quick brainstorm/sanity-check with our ECD and CTO – in the spirit of "don’t boil the ocean" – and selected which ideas would make it into the proposal.
  • Sourced all imagery.
  • Layout of all screens, including content load-balancing and choosing the best imagery complement that helped support the story.
  • Ensured that the final presentation was polished and "pitch-perfect" if you'll excuse the pun — my colleagues and I call it the "OCD" pass.